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Welcome to the USS Charleston. We're a Charleston class battlecruiser in BravoFleet's 9th TaskForce. We're the third ship to carry the name. Join us as we continue the legacy of StarTrek Play-by-Email simulations set forth by our predecessors.

You have interfaced with the main database. From here you may acess any information you desire about this vessel. Please enjoy your stay. If you have any further questions please contact Captain Matsurono .

March 26, 2004 : Captain Matsurono finally remembered to update the news section. Anyway, additions over the last three months include information added to the ship database, recomencing posting, and additions ot the roster. Also, thanks to anyone who reported and broken links or images, I beleive those are all fixed now.

January 14, 2004 : Uploaded this updated website and purged the news again. Please report any broken links or images.

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